Hairline and scalp micropigmentation is a tattoo style that gives the facade of denser hair for both men and women. Receding hair lines and bald spots can be corrected when our technician deposits micro pinpoints or fine hair-like strokes into the dermis of the scalp. Scalp micropigmentation will create the appearance of tiny hair follicles that will give the illusion of a shaved head or thicker hair.

What to expect

After an initial consultation to discuss your desired goals and our recommendations, our technician will map out your hair line using a brow calliper and apply a topical anesthetic cream is to the area. We then deposit pigment into the dermis of the scalp using a pointillism technique. Most describe the pain as tolerable. Generally, your treatment will take 3 sessions for the most natural end result, each treatment lasts about 2 – 2.5 hours long. Aftercare products and instructions are provided upon completion.

The 2nd scalp micropigmentation session will be booked 2 weeks after the 1st, and a month later for the 3rd session. Over this time the pigment will have time to fade naturally and settle in to the dermis. This method gives your hairline with a more natural appearance and will also make the treatments less noticeable to people you see frequently.


  • Moisturize and apply sunscreen daily (one containing zinc oxide helps prevent fading)
  • Keep your head closely shaved for a clean, undetectable look
  • Come in for a quick refresher every 3-5 years

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